People's Choice Cathy Snodgrass celebrates her win.

TWENTYNINE PALMS — Perfect weather drew more than 400 visitors to the Old Schoolhouse Museum for the Twentynine Palms Historical Society’s annual Weed Show Saturday and Sunday, Nov. 2 and 3.

The theme for this year’s weed show, “Growing Like A Weed” was a nod to Founders Hall, the Society’s newest addition.

Fifty-two individuals collectively entered 203 compositions showcasing local desert flora, the skill of our area’s artisans, and the history and culture of Twentynine Palms itself.

Visitors took in the ingenuity and beauty created in this uniquely Twentynine Palms event, then had the very difficult task of choosing one overall composition as the People’s Choice Award.

That honor went to Cathy Snodgrass for her entry in Category 2 (Hammer Time – Composition using Broken Purple glass (broken or imperfect) as an accessory.).

2019 Weed Show Winners

People’s Choice  Cathy Snodgrass, Category 2, broken purple glass

Judge’s Favorite Bridget Wilcox, Category 6

Judge’s Favorite Larry Bowden, Category 10

Judge’s Favorite Cathy Snodgrass, Category 7

Category 1 –Nailed It - Purple Glass - Arrangement using Museum Quality purple glass as an accessory.

1st – Kate Brandt

2d – Dana Bowden

3d – Ada Hatch

Honorable Mention – Karen McClure

Category 2 – Hammer Time - Broken Purple Glass - Composition using Broken Purple glass (broken or imperfect) as an accessory.

1st – Kim Ortamond

2d – Tracey Jenkins

3d – Rita Vickery

Honorable Mention – Molly Vermette

Category 3 – Nuts and Bolts- Miniature 3x3x3 overall composition using nuts and/or bolts or other small building items.

1st – Tracey Jenkins

2d – Lindsay Anderson

3d – Ted Meyers

Honorable Mention – Kim Ortamond

Category 4 – New Beginnings - Miniature 6x6x6 overall composition using drawing or drafting items as an accessory.

1st – Ada Hatch

2d – Dana Bowden

3d – Ted Meyers

Honorable Mention – Rita Vickery

Category 5 – Light Up Your Life - Composition using an electrical item as an accessory.

1st – Ted Meyers

2d – Deanne Chatterton

3d – Rita Vickery

Honorable Mention – Dana Bowden

Category 6 – Breaking Ground - Composition using a garden/digging tool as an accessory.

1st – Pam Anders

2d – Susan Watkins

3d – Deanne Chatterton

Honorable Mention – Rita Vickery

Category 7 – Final Inspection - Composition using a military item as an accessory. This category is a tribute to the many volunteers both Navy and Marines from MCAGCC that helped in building Founders Hall this past year.

1st – Kim Ortamond

2d – Ted Meyers

3d – Dana Bowden

Honorable Mention – Cathy Snodgrass

Category 8 – Door To The Future – Composition using any form of technology from 1927 until the future (even imaginary) as an accessory.

1st – Rosie Mendoza

2d – Larry Bowden

3d – Kate Brandt

Honorable Mention – Becky Saravia

Category 9 –Measure Once Cut Twice - Composition using twins or two of a kind items as accessories.

1st – Tracey Jenkins

2d – Toby Stewart

3d – Ada Hatch

Honorable Mention – Marilyn Fernald

Category 10 – Nothing Is In Cement- Oversized composition and any entry that exceeds the weight or size rule.

1st – Ted Meyers

2d – Lindsey Anderson

3d – Rita Vickery

Honorable Mention – Cathy Snodgrass

Category 11 – Building Knowledge - Kids 12 and under. Use any item related to building or knowledge as an accessory.

1st – Toby Stewart

2d – Trent Ricks

3d – Riley Quinn Philpott

Honorable Mention – Lennon M.

Category 12 – Raising The Roof / Anything Goes - This is the no-holds-barred category. Anything goes but weight and size rules are still followed.

1st – Ted Meyers

2d – Mike Madison

3d – Larry Bowden

Honorable Mention – Rosie Mendoza

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