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Jillian Sandell shows off her work, on display at the Glass Outhouse Gallery in Wonder Valley, on Saturday, Jan. 3.

WONDER VALLEY — The Glass Outhouse, Twentynine Palms Highway and Thunder Road, opened a new show with the work of artists Joel Daavid, who traveled from Los Angeles to display his assemblages, and Jillian Sandell, who hails from Joshua Tree.

Originally from Texas, Daavid traveled to Los Angeles in 1993 when he attended the American Film Institute. He has since built a career as a theater and lighting designer in the Los Angeles area.

His assemblages reflect his interest in found and vintage objects, some of which find their way onto the sets he designs.

“I collect a lot of vintage items for my set design,” he said, saying he often finds items, in thrift stores or simply thrown away, and thinks “I could make a piece of art with that.

His wife, Marine Walton, showed at the Glass Outhouse last year.

Sandell, an educator, writer and artist living in Joshua Tree, had no formal training when a health crisis led her to start drawing in 2016.

“Those early rough sketches turned into an ongoing art practice that both responds to my immediate environment and is now key to how I experience the world,” she wrote in a biography that hangs with her art sketches.

“Since moving to the desert I have been learning about what it means to live in such a vulnerable and resilient environment. The plants and rocks have taught me to pay attention — to notice details, to remember that everything changes, and to be aware of the tenuous coexistence of human and animal life.”

The new show will continue through the month. The gallery is open 1 to 5 p.m. Tuesday through Sunday. For more information call (760) 367-3807.

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