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Miri Hunter and Thom Merrick's song "I Don't Want To Talk Right Now," will be included in a CD featuring independent country music artists.

WONDER VALLEY — The Wonder Valley musical duo of Miri Hunter and Thom Merrick, aka Hunter and the Wick’d, has found a spot on a country music compilation CD.

Their song, “I Don’t Want To Talk Right Now,” will be one of 17 songs on Keepin’ It Country, Vol. One. Released by BWH Music Group, the CD features music by independent country artists and songwriters.

“I Don’t Wanna Talk Right Now” was written by Hunter, the group’s lead singer, after a difference in opinion with the man she eventually fell in love with.  

“After our disagreement, I got up early the next morning, sat on the porch with my guitar and this song flowed out,” she said.

“We still disagree on things, but magically when I lay in his arms or our lips touch, we kinda forget what we were arguing about.  Praise the magic of touching and its ability to heal.”

The song earned praise from Tree Fortin of Please Pass the Indie.

“‘I Don’t Wanna Talk Right Now’ has a heart and soul like the Joshua Tree; its roots are deep with a talented singer and seasoned musicians; its songwriting is evergreen; and it feels like a day in the sun under a vast, blue sky,”  Fortin wrote in February.

After playing together for several years, Virginia native Hunter and California-born Merrick released their first CD with songs like “Tumbleweed Connection, “Dance All Night in California,”  and “I Don’t Wanna Talk Right Now.”

“This  music is all about giving yourself up to the wisdom and creativity that  the desert imparts to you, at whatever emotional and spiritual cost,” Hunter said.

“Thom and I come from varying musical traditions. He grew up during the  punk music era and I grew up trained as a classical pianist. Within the  realm of music, we unite as a team to create a montage that is  representative of Americana music influenced by desert dreams.”

Hunter and the Wick’d have performed throughout Southern California, Arizona, California and Nevada at places such as the Hard Rock Hotel in Palm Springs, The Federal Bar in Los  Angeles, and Pappy and Harriet’s in Pioneertown.

Hunter and the Wick’d’s music is available via cdbaby, iTunes, Amazon, as well as retail locations throughout the Southern California Hi-Desert.

BWH Music Group works with independent artists in sound and artist promotions offering recording services, compilation releases, music public relations and national indie radio. Recent releases include That Summer volumes one and two.

For more information go online to www.bwhmusicgroup.com

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