Art and artist

Karen Mortensen is beside herself.

WONDER VALLEY —  A crowd of artists and art lovers gathered at the Glass Outhouse Art Gallery on Twentynine Palms and Thunder Road here Saturday evening, June 1, to celebrate ten years of eclectic art offerings.

Art lovers young and old enjoyed food, including a tenth anniversary cake, and listened to the music of The Luminators, Tammy Rhodes, Mark Ross and Paul Gerkin.

“I am just very grateful to all these wonderful people,” gallery owner Laurel Seidl said during the celebration. She noted that, without the artists, the gallery could not have stayed open for the past ten years.

“The shows are all getting bigger and bigger,” she said of changes at the gallery over the past decade. She noted that people are coming from farther and farther away to view exhibits there.

“We even had one couple say they saw the gallery on TV in Sweden,” she said.

She said that artists appreciate being able to show their work without interference from her.

“I don’t even see the work,” she said.

The art

Life-sized portraits and sculptures, including a self-portrait, made up the bulk of artist Karen Mortensen’s offerings.

The Danish artist recently moved to Yucca Valley after 20 years working in Hawaii.

According to her artist statement, her materials of choice are pigment, metal, wood, stone and other organic materials.

“I’m a sculptor and a painter; often combining the two,” she said.

She shared the anniversary exhibit with Twentynine Palms artist Alan Powell, an abstract artist who has been working in oils for about 30 years.

He said he was drawn to the area every time he passed through and finally talked his wife into letting them move to the area four years ago.

The current show will continue at the gallery, 77575 Twentynine Palms Highway, until the end of the month.

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