Going down

A worker for Mark Clemons demolition sweeps up debris after tearing down two buildings on Twentynine Palms Highway at Cholla Avenue Tuesday, July 9. The former Club Vo building next door was the next to go.

TWENTYNINE PALMS — Chuck Donaldson, the owner of newly cleared property on Twentynine Palms Highway in downtown Twentynine Palms, has contracted with a developer to find new tenants for the property.

Citing safety concerns, Donaldson paid for the demolition of three buildings — the former home of Club Vo and two barber shops — on the north side of the highway between Cholla Avenue and Smoke Tree Avenue.

The buildings were demolished Tuesday and Wednesday, not long after county firefighters used them to train on structure ventilation.

Contacted by telephone, Donaldson said a developer is looking for new tenants for the property, located across Cholla Avenue from the proposed location of a Starbucks.

“Fast food is definitely something I would like to see,” he said when asked what type of business he would prefer in the space.

He said he took the buildings down partly because they were becoming hazards and attracting homeless people.

“There’s a lot of homeless all over the country,” he said.

City Manager Frank Luckino said the property may be more attractive to new tenants because it is close to the new Starbucks.

“People are going to want to be close to Starbucks,” Luckino said, adding that city officials continue to reach out to businesses looking to locate in Twentynine Palms.

They attended a convention hosted by the International Council of Shopping Centers where they learned that Starbucks has become one of the city’s biggest selling points, he said.

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29's slide into mindless Yuppiedom continues unabated. You need a $5 cup of coffee like you need a hole in the head. And more Fast Food? What a wonderful addition to a town already french-fried to death. How about a REAL coffeehouse with folksingers and noisy customers? Naw- another Wi_Fi dungeon is the big dream for the low-brows that run 29 Palms.


I agree, we don't need fast food, we need seasonal food, places where people want to browse around, if you keep putting in junk then 29 will be no different than what's going on in Yucca. Think a little more like Joshua Tree. Multi use spaces, music and drinks but a different use during the day, serve breakfast & lunch. No more drive thru.

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