TWENTYNINE PALMS — The Twentynine Palms Water District will review the first draft of the district’s 2020-21 budget when it meets at 4 p.m. Wednesday, May 27.

Because of the continuing coronavirus crisis, board members will meet via teleconference. Members of the public can take part by calling (866) 899-4679 and entering access code 704 741 093#.

District officials have expressed concerns about how the COVID-19 shutdown will affect revenue at the district as more residents, suffering economically because of the economic downturn, are not able to pay their water bills.

Information provided with the proposed 2020-21 budget shows an almost $400,000 drop, from $4,511,800 to $4,129,600 between budgeted and projected actual operating revenue for the current fiscal year.

Overall revenue for the district had been planned at $5,292,100 in 2019-20 but is expected to be $4,941,200.

The proposed 2020-21 budget calls for $4,311,400 in operating revenue and $766,400 in non-operating revenue, for a total of $5,077,800 to fund operations and capital expenses.

It calls for total expenses of $4,836,900, including $4,323,900 in operating expenses, $269,500 in non-operating expenses and $243,500 in debt service, leaving $240,900 to fund capital expenses.

Operating revenue will include $2,900,100 from water sales, $1,321,00 from ready to serve fees and $90,300 from other operating revenue.

Non-operating revenue includes $578,900 from water availability assessments, $142,500 from interest, $30,000 from other penalties, $5,000 from reimbursed expenses and $10,000 from other revenue sources.

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