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You should receive a confirmation email when you submit an obituary. If you do not receive an email confirming receipt, call (760) 365-3315. An obituary costs $30 for printing in one publication — the Hi-Desert Star or The Desert Trail. Publication of a photograph costs $5. Printing in additional editions cost $15 each. If you cannot pay with a credit card, email the obituary to and you will be contacted for payment information.

Deceased's information
Home, hospital or assisted nursing facility, for example
Other information
If deceased served in military, you may input information including branch, dates, wars or operations, rank, title, job, regiments, etc.
Enter information about organization, club and church memberships
Activities (i.e., fishing, reading, volunteering, etc.) decedent enjoyed
List loved ones who have already died. Include name and relationship.

List loved ones who are still alive. You may list grandchildren or simply provide the number.

Parents, siblings, spouses, life partners, fiances, children, stepchildren, sons-, daughters-, mothers- and fathers-in-law may be listed.
Grandchildren, aunts, uncles, nephews, nieces, cousins, caregivers, pets, friends and anyone else you feel should be mentioned may be listed here.
Include type of service (i.e., funeral Mass, memorial, celebration of life) and officiant if desired
Include time, date and location
If memorial donations are requested, provide charity or organization with address here.
Additional information

You may provide additional information about the deceased's character, messages to the deceased, etc. here.


Publication of a photograph costs $5.

Attach photograph in JPEG/JPG format:
Contact Information
Enter your e-mail address
Billing Information

Publication of an obituary costs $30 for one edition and $15 for additional newspaper editions (for example, it costs $30 to publish in the Thursday Star OR Trail and $45 to publish in both). The photograph fee is $5. If you're not sure which editions you need, call (760) 257-5518 or email

Publish options

Price: $ 35.00

Price: $ 30.00

Price: $ 50.00

Price: $ 45.00

Price: $ 65.00

Price: $ 60.00

Newspaper editions

Which newspaper do you want the obituary to be published in? You may check more than one.

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