This letter is useful only to remind people that Trumpism is a full blown cult.

Hopefully Yucca Valley can poach it.

NIMBY nonsense

"All of this JT stuff is a fad, wont be long and the typical desert dweller will again be able to afford a decent house and live in the peace they desire." - Let's hope not. We need development and money in the area. The "typical desert dweller" aka bums can still go live in a plywood sha…

I don't mind paying my fair share either, but as noted in the article, those of us in Yucca Valley already pay for fire protection through our property tax. The FP5 expansion was bogus from the get go.

He enjoyed visiting a house without any utilities?

CheRojo commented on Congressman Cook who?

I live in Yucca Valley, Cook's supposed hometown, and I have seen him precisely once since I moved here. I see our assemblyman Chad Mayes out and about reasonably often.

There are multiple Trump letters a week, for and against. I don't know how you all can stand to talk about him or anyone else this much. The last thing we need is more letters.

CheRojo commented on State-provided auto insurance?

OK, so you don't understand how insurance works. Let's just move on.

CheRojo commented on State-provided auto insurance?