BBB, they won't, the were taught to obey the law, and understand that. BooBoo, it is very easy to stay out of jail, obey the law, and don't get arrested. I'm in my 6th decade, never even seen the inside of a jail. It is so easy, obey the law. How hard is that?

Was not talking about the horse in the photo, was talking about the horses and bulls they use to buck. That ain't no saddle cinch on those animals.

Isn't running tantamount to saying "lookie here judge, I did it!

It's easy folks, don't do crime, you don't have to worry about going to jail.

Look close at the strap around the rear of the horse just in front of the hind legs. I know what if does, but proponents of rodeo will say it is to protect the animal. Let me squeeze your groin and see if you jump and buck too!

Wonderful, another eyesore building like the old PFF. Will Yucca Valley buy this one and turn it into a homeless shelter?

He got off easy. Just because he was in a rush. I glad his daughter was not killed, but I have to feel for the family of those who died in such a senseless act. Folks just driving too fast, always in a rush. I was almost hit by a guy in a contractor's utility vehicle while walking into …

Yeah! Un ban raw milk! Now, how about banning any more taxes!

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1.2 million dollars, and well 14 is still not fixed. Yet the General Manager gets a 5% increase. Rate payers in the district on Social Security only got 2%. Doesn't seem right to me.

Just cuz' he had some mental issues, doesn't mean he wasn't a brilliant writer, and in his field he knew what he was talking about. I'm sure everyone of note has some issues that most of us handle, but some of us cannot. It is sad he didn't or couldn't seek professional help. Not somethin…