Your examples are mixing oranges with grapes and apples. All 3 systems are not the same.

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is on strike

Oh boy, another kool-aid drinker, took the blue pill did you

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Cookie, why don't you stop the antifa by-lines for a while. Your hate is palpable This was not the place to continue your expression of hate for our President - this person was giving a thank you to someone for a generous act.
The families separation is written in the law Pelosi and Sch…

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I'am astounded at some of the content in this forum by people who do not know the law; yet they blame a President who gas been in office for 500 days - instead of those who wrote these laws which are now being enforced. If you are intellectually honest - the ones to blame are the Rhino's on…

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I will get my 2 cents in on this discussion: I'm an immigrant, also the wife of a veteran who lost his life 2 years ago because of Obama's policies within the VA system which was and still is underfunded.....

Don't blame Trump for laws he didn't write
Blame the Democrats who wrote…

The complaint that Trump eliminated the ACA is false. He only overturned the executive orders that Obama inserted to change the law into a punitive plan which goes against everything that the "We the people" stands for in the Preamble to the Constitution. Those were inserted with…

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the swamp

TwoToedJoe; in this instance i apologize i did not read the last post - you and i agree in this matter.

booboo77 is the one in this comment who needs to get off of his #resist high horse

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the swamp

Oneinvester: I think you and i watched the same speech on the floor of the house and heard different things. Making America first is not a divisive issue - we the people have been getting shafted by the Democrats in DC and their pathetic hyperbole, as humane, only to keep the people they p…

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takes all?

Josh and TwoToeJoe - you boys need to get a grasp on reality. Nothing to do today but complain about DC.... How about getting on board with cleaning up the corruption in Sacramento, hmm. Jerry Brown is doing once more to CA what he and his father did in 1960's-1070's when they gave to t…