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I'm sorry but what were the helicopters needed for? Wouldn't ONE be enough?

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is on strike

I've been on this digital forum for over a dozen years and have over 1200 comments through those years. I've been less involved on the HDS since Trump's been President because his supporters have far far more words (although almost fact-free and HIGHLY subjective to their world). I fully …

That's what I was taught also in driver's ed fifty years ago. It looks like the Ford F-150 hit the older woman's Subaru on the back right side spinning the vehicle to the left and into oncoming traffic with the massive impact into her vehicle's right side. RIP.

The news KCDZ had was that the F-150 driver had a beverage container drop to the vehicles floor and he was attempting to pick it up and not looking ahead on the road when he looked ahead and didn't have time to stop. Still didn't mention his name. This sounds 'fishy' to me.

"The Sheriff’s Department reports that the driver of a Ford F-150 truck traveling north rear-ended Meler’s Subaru Impreza as she was waiting for oncoming traffic to pass before turning left." ??? So who was the driver of the Ford F-150? They named everyone else and he/she came out …

Highway 247 has well passed the threshold of requiring two lanes both ways. The least they should do is put left turn lanes at all intersections (that would be three lanes in total).

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It's quite well known the Trump businesses HIRE illegal Aliens. Both in New York, NY and Florida. That means Trump prefers to hire illegal aliens OVER US Citizens. You were conned which is EXACTLY what Mr. Bot was talking about.

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warned about danger

and those developers were the DePierros who also sold the parcel to Dollar General in Joshua Tree.

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sport, be a good sport

Oh, and chairs

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sport, be a good sport

29 Palms has to bring up their game, about fifteen years ago at the Tri-Valley Little League in Yucca Valley a hostile parent event ended with a broken arm. They'll have to remove those bats from these games if these things continue.