A generator might help

Find out who the owner is and file a law suit against him in court to see if a judge will order him/her to fix the property.

Sorry but Joshua Tree is an isolated community and some of the residents have extreme difficulty comprehending written material and following the law.[ohmy]

Pay attention to the part about wearing a seat belt. [alien]

LOL. These area has been full of clap board cabins, poverty, and drug addicts 4 every. This type of thing will drive up the value of legit residents homes and increase the value of rentals and drive out all of the undesirables. They can take their welfare checks, SSI, alcoholic beverages,…

Money well spent. This will improve the lives of the people who live in Pioneer town.

Yucca Vallians love their library. This will be a good thing.

All this growth is great news for home owners and business owners because it is driving up the price of rent and increasing equity.

The thrift stores are one of the great things about the community[beam]

You left out the used car lots[tongue_smile]