Agreed - the 62 is already way too dangerous as it is - we still have a fair amount of locals driving under the influence (accounting for most of our road fatalities), plus others randomly trying to cross the 62 on foot, or walk along it. Not to mention the growing influx of tourists ... …

I see we still have some locals who insist on putting the "high'" in hi-desert.

Thank you, Rattlesnake. A voice of reason among a bunch of lazy dog owners who can't be bothered to follow the law, and walk their dogs on a leash.

Keep your dogs inside or on a leash, people. You let them run loose, you're to blame, period.

The coyotes are native here, not your dogs. And even the dogs aren't to blame - it's their lazy owners, who are too selfish and entitled to follow >>county law> No

THANK GOD. They are a great organization, and well-suited to the task of bringing our arrogant, greedy, lazy, dishonest, and >> vastly overpaid

Victor_S commented on Start by voting out Paul Cook

Hear hear! Vote Cook out!

I want to see Marge in charge! She's been taking care of people for over 40 years, most recently as an elected official on the Board of the Morongo Basin Health Care District.

Marge ran for office in 2013, when our local hospital was under threat of clo…

Gee Donna, so much pontificating in your letter, but so few actual facts.

The taxes weed growers need to pay are property taxes, along with any other local government fees all other local businesses typically pay. Land is cheap up here, and that's what these businesses need. As for …

Hey Booboo, I don't see how pot growers will evade state taxes, since, last I checked, the county is pretty squarely still within the state of CA. And since the county collects property taxes, and Yucca collects business license fees, and the water and other districts charge for services, a…

Transparent my foot. Follow the money. The county has no problem coming up with ways to raise money, such as the land auctions and higher fees it collects. It just has problems asking PERMISSION from the locals before closing the fire station. Now, half of the valley cannot get fire service…

Ah hahahahahahaha!