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I thank you for your SHORT, WE:LL-WRITTEN, TO-THE-POINT article. Yes, it certainly does seem that way. It is actually SURPRISING that there is not more cooperation through our 2 branches of govt. Why do the Republicans seem to HATE the democrats so much? But then, most Democrats HATE Pres…

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SO PLEASED TO READ THIS GOOD ARTICLE - Thank you for posting... (& thanks for good comments as well!)

ALWAYS enjoy your posts, Bost-Ji. KEEP ON KEEPING ON saying it as it is. Seems as "consciousness" does not always include "conscienceness" however you have BOTH!

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us on dark path

Thank You... II agree! (I was also hoping to post a comment but was not allowed to send it as the robot said it was "spam!")

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Thank you, Swami Bost - for a well-written, truthful and logical article... which I hope is widely read!

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the door

Thank you, J.G., for an XLNT, well-written article which makes perfect sense.

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Always good to hear good advice from you, Steven - THANK YOU.

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XLNT... what else can I say? You'd think that anyone who reads this would agree and understand what you are implying. Who knows if the mass of mindless persons in this neighborhood even open the news to the Opinion page! Please write again and again - THANK YOU!

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Thank you Red Greene... (are you on facebook??) I SALUTE YOU!